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Wearable Tech Spotlight: Smart Earplugs by Hush are a wearable sleep aid

Hush (Starts at ~$149)

Hush are wearable earplugs that exceeded its Kickstarter campaign ($593,255) and are ready to go into production. Built by engineers who understand the pain of college life (noisy dorms and shared apartments), the devices are part earplug, part white noise machine and part alarm clock.

Insert them just like regular earplugs, then use the cellphone app to select a soothing sound to help you sleep. You can also program the app to play your phone’s alarm through the earplugs. This allows it to sound directly in your ear without waking your partner or roommate.

So ditch the wax or foam ear plugs that simply drown out sound and check out a pair of smart earplugs.

The Kickstarter campaign is over but you can get on the mailing list to be the first to order some as soon as they are available. Get more info at