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Wearable Tech Spotlight: Jolt Sensor helps alert you of a potential concussion

Jolt Sensor ($100): When it comes to head injuries, time is of the essence. That’s a lesson Ben Harvatine learned as a wrestler, when he stayed in the ring after a concussion and became dizzy and incoherent.

His experience inspired the MIT student to create a device to alert young athletes and their parents or coaches when a blow to the head should be checked out. The athlete will feel a vibration from the small device, which can be clipped to a headband, helmet or other headgear, and their parent or coach can also receive a smartphone alert. The athlete can then take a cognitive test using the app to assess the potential injury. Note that it does not prevent concussions or even diagnose them (you need a doctor for that), but it does have the potential to alert others to get you immediate help in those moments after a blow to the head.

Considering all of the concussions in football, this device could have a huge positive impact on the safety of the sport.

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