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Wearable Tech Spotlight: Everykey replaces keys and passwords

(Currently $75) Wear Everykey everywhere and you won’t need to worry about getting locked out of anything, whether it’s your apartment or PayPal account. The wristband stores your passwords with military grade encryption and, using Bluetooth technology, connects your data to the websites you visit. You can choose your own password when you first log in to a site, or it will create a random one for you. So for example, go to your bank website and Everykey automatically logs you in.

Lose your Everykey? You can call them or go online to deactivate it.

In the future, it will also be able to open physical locks to homes or cars that support the technology. After raising $117,054 in a successful KickStarter campaign, it’s still available for pre-order with a March 2015 expected delivery.

Learn more and check out demos at,