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Video Edit+ iPhone App Launches with 5 Tools Into One

The latest Tweepler Q&A is with Kevin Hnatiuk, the creator of Video Edit+, a video editing app for the iPhone that recently launched its latest version.

Tweepler: The claim to fame around Video Edit was its speed. At what points is speed important when it comes to shooting, editing and uploading video on mobile devices?

Kevin Hnatiuk: The majority of all photos and videos recorded in the world are on a smartphone thanks in part to the internal camera’s amazing visual fidelity and because it’s the device that is with us nearly all the time. We believe that with the ability to capture video and photos so quickly that you should be able to edit and share it quickly too. If video editing on a mobile device isn’t convenient then you won’t use it and your smartphone is no better than an old video cassette that sits in a drawer and never gets seen. This was the impetus behind creating Video Edit for iOS – give people the ability to record, edit, and share their favourite video on the same device and they will create amazing content (and *love* the doing it)!

Tweepler: What news functionality does Video Edit+ add?

Kevin Hnatiuk: Our brand new app Video Edit+ was designed to give users the most common tools they would need when editing together a video or a slideshow with a user interface that respects the limitations of editing on a Smartphone’s small screen. These tools include: The “Edit Suite” to create projects, import or record video clips and photos, get detailed frame-by-frame video trimming, add transitions, rearrange clip sequences, export at 1080p, 720p or 480p, and then share to your Camera Roll, YouTube, Vimeo or Facebook. A “Slideshow Studio” that gives your static photos motion with an automatic or manual “zoom & pan-effect,” also known as the Ken Burns treatment, to create a memorable moving slideshow for any occasion. The “Title Editor” so you can choose from a selection of beautiful font families and create title slides, video credits, or overlay text on video clips and photos. An “Audio Studio” to add music, or record a voiceover within your video. We provide visual edit cues to have your music begin and end at just the right moments. The “Filter Factory” so you can create a new look or alter the mood of your clips with one-tap video and photo filters. The other big feature we include is the ability to upload your video sequence or slideshow in the “background” so you don’t have to keep the app open when you want to post it to a social sharing site.

Tweepler: From GoPro to mobile phone video apps, it is obviously an explosive space to be in. How do your apps differentiate from everything else out there?

Kevin Hnatiuk: We’ve seen some apps trying to squish a traditional digital video editing suite that you’d normally use on a desktop computer with multiple 27″ monitors into a smartphone screen and the result is cumbersome with a long learning curve. Other applications attempt to create an automated “magic” video editor that takes all the control over making a great video out of your hands and you end with something that is unpredictable. All the way back to 2010 we have taken great pains to create a user experience that respects the limitations of a mobile device’s smaller screen and smaller processor. Video Edit+ was designed to be approachable for people trying to edit a video for the first time and also offer experienced video editors the most essential tools they need to tell an amazing story. We’re not elitist about video editing though. At the end of the day you should be able to choose whatever suite of tools you like so we built-in the ability to import video created by other apps. That’s why we dub Video Edit+ as the “essential toolkit” – it has the functionality to play nice with others. Finally, we don’t bait you with a free app only to force you to signup for a “special” account or reserve the best video editing features for in-app purchases. Once you purchase Video Edit+ the best tools are included from the get-go just the way it should be.

Tweepler: Why do you think it is important to be able to do more advanced video editing right on a phone rather than say a laptop or desktop?

Kevin Hnatiuk: Once you try video editing on a phone with a toolkit like Video Edit+ it just makes sense. Video Edit+ offers the most convenience and allows you to quickly edit and share a creative gem with your audience (whether they be your family or otherwise) in literally a matter of minutes. I used to love editing on a desktop computer but the process is tedious: shoot video on a camera, transfer it to your computer, import it into a video editing application, edit your content, render your content, export your content for different media, upload content, repeat if necessary. You can do all of these things using Video Edit+ right on the iPhone in literally a matter of minutes.

Tweepler: What’s next for the company?

Kevin Hnatiuk: We are busy working on the iPad version of Video Edit+ which will be a free upgrade for people that purchase the iPhone version of Video Edit+. We also have some exciting *new* functionality we want to incorporate into the app that we can’t wait to share!

(The Video Edit+ app is available from iTunes or via your iPhone App Store.