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Twitter announces the addition of video tweets and group direct messaging

Twitter recently announced two new features to the popular social media platform. Video and group direct messaging. You can now share video with your tweets (beyond just Vine videos) and you can also direct message groups of people rather than just single individuals.

With video sharing, you can use the Twitter app to shoot and edit the video, and then load it  as part of a Tweet. Videos can be up to 30 seconds long and you can even string together multiple video snippets. It adds a whole new dimension to the 140 character text tweets and closes the gap on Facebook and other social media sites which include video. Learn more at

With group direct messaging, you can send a private message to a group of individuals on Twitter that you select, rather than just one person at a time. The feature allows better messaging options when you are trying to communicate with a group.

  • emmanuel

    Itll be interesting to see who ultimately wins the fight for the group messaging/sharing space…

    whether it will be A) the broad sharing platforms (i.e facebook/twitter/instagram), B) the private/selective sharing/messaging platforms (i.e. email, whatsapp etc), or C) the in the middle platforms (i.e. path, taag)..

  • joy

    I wonder how group direct messaging will affect the use of apps like WhatsApp, GroupMe and others? Seems to me it could be problematic for those companies.

  • Micheal Scott

    Idea of embedding video into twitter is great! I wish Voice to text conversion of Tweets is also embedded into Twitter like ‘Ok Google’ search in Chrome, Google maps etc

  • jonathan

    Twitter claims the ability to converse privately with groups gives you more options for how and with whom you communicate on Twitter. You can create a group in just a few taps. When you’re added to a group, you’ll get a notification.

  • scott F

    Twitter is moving further and further away from what it was when I joined in 2008.

    It used to be somewhere where people could interact like in a huge global chat room. Now it’s being used as a glorified RSS feed. Now with these group DM’s more and more chats will be taken out of the public.

    Of course, I guess it’s what the majority of people want. It’s just a shame that somewhere I used to enjoy visiting is changing for the worst IMO.