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Top 5 Twitter software and apps for managing followers

Hootsuite: The granddaddy of third party social media monitoring and scheduling platforms, Hoostuite allows users to create lists or “streams” based on keywords or hashtags, respond to ReTweets or Mentions without leaving the site and schedule their tweets far into the future.

ManageFlitter: Trim the Fat: For Twitter users who want to follow more people, there are just as many wondering if they are following too many. A key to success with Twitter is quality, not quantity so tools like ManageFlitter allows users to know which of the Twitter users you follow are active and talkative and who isn’t following you back or is inactive. All of which is great information on determining your “quality” when it comes to your Followers. Read full review here.

Tweetcaster: “The best thing to happen to Twitter since Twitter.” An app designed for both iPhone and iPad, Tweetcaster has many cool features including “Search Party” and SmartLists. The “search party” feature that allows users to narrow down search results, and on the flipside, the “Zip It” feature allows users to silence annoying people and hashtags your feed. The SmartLists feature is great for organizing your Twitter stream into lists allowing you to monitor who you want and hone in on “ReTweet-worthy” items.

Followerwonk: Want to know the scoop on who’s following and engaging on Twitter? Followerwonk helps users dig deeper into Twitter analytics and discover who their active Followers are, and even deeper details like what they tweet about and where they are located. This handy tool is also great for tribe building since it helps users find and connect with new influencers in their niche.

FriendorFollow: The unwritten rule of Twitter is, you follow me, and I will follow you back. But life moves fast and sometimes our good intentions don’t get followed through on. Friend or Follow shows you who you should “follow back” and also those who are not holding up their end of the deal.