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The TSA Instagram account shows some of the crazy things people have tried to bring on planes

If you have not seen this yet, take a look at the social media Instagram account for the United States TSA. In photos they show you some of the actual items people have tried to bring on planes, and it is unbelievable. For example, the guy who stuffed 7 snakes and 3 turtles in his pants???

It’s a great use of social media to communicate and show some transparency into the effectiveness of the security screening process. It also is reassuring to see that they do catch these dangerous items when crazies try to bring them on planes. They tell you what airport the item was found at and a little but of detail about the item.

Love the photos of the dogs that help detect some of the prohibited items.

They also show you some of the items that are perfectly acceptable to bring on a plane (for example a pecan pie during Thanksgiving travel).