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Tesla home battery Powerwall a breakthrough in solar energy

While it is a clean renewable energy source, one of the main issues with solar energy is you need to use it or you lose it. Until now there had not been a great practical solution to store solar energy for use later.

Tesla changes that with the upcoming Powerwall, a sleek battery you can hang on your wall and charge from your solar panels. By day your panels collect and convert energy from the sun, and then it gets stored in the battery for use at night. And do not be confused, this is for powering your home not just cars (as Tesla is already known for).

If you have not yet seen Elon Musk’s presentation for the launch of the Powerwall, here it is.

And this is not some future drea, The Powerwall is already taking orders and is set to ship this summer. Read more about it at

  • forte

    This is a total game changer, it has brought Energy Storage into the mainstream and in the process started the big shift in Grid utilities , which will have to change their operations away from Fossil fuels. This is only the beginning and just like Tesla has started transforming the Auto industry to EVs, this will likewise put energy storage in the limelight meaning increased funding and innovation in the industry

  • kate

    When it comes to alternative energy, most of the people just like to talk and speculate. Musk is a doer, even though that is risky. Only through doing the tough work will you have the opportunity to find and understand the true technical, economical and reliability-related problems and come up the right solutions. I think engineers at Tesla and Panasonic know a lot more about building inexpensive and high powered Li Ion batteries than any other labs or research universities in the world. Cumulative evolutionary breakthroughs can move the technology much farther than most people would imagine, and such endeavor should be appreciated. If there is any major fundamental breakthroughs in the science of battery, with their established base and production experience, they can capitalize on the knowledge faster than anyone can. We need people like Musk to trail-blaze. The energy storage market is adjacent to the electric vehicle market, and there is true synergy here. I wish him good luck, because we can all benefit from it if the technology is successful.

  • mac

    s a dual-purpose system for (1) arbitraging electricity rates and (2) providing emergency power when the grid is down, this makes a lot of sense. For just 1 of the 2 uses, this system is a little pricey right now.

  • gurusmac

    I cant wait to be free of this mongrel power utility that charges me eighty bucks, admin costs, every time it sends me a bill, just for the pleasure of it. We have no choice here.
    Already i use solar hot water. I use window cells and a sealed lead acid battery for the computer, TV and, fridge.
    A few more solar cells on the roof and a Tesla battery and, I have well enough to power the washing machine, a split a/c and, all the lighting needs at any time.
    It would be nice to get a 10kWh Bat Pac for under $2,000, which I think will occur with in 5 years.
    But I’m willing to make the switch, as soon as possible. Knowing that I wont acquit my outlay under 4 years. Considering the contribution my solar already makes.
    However, almost anything to be rid of the dreaded, greedy, polluting, power utility.

    Yippee !!!

    Stick that where the sun doesn’t shine Tony Abbott and, all your greedy oil industry mates

  • emmanuel

    Jump me to the head of the line for the 7kw power wall. What a great solution for my 100 per cent off grid home N of 64. a sleek, space efficient, non stinky battery. Bring it on ASAP please.