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Tech Republic posts 10 Twitter accounts entrepreneurs should follow

There is an interesting list on Tech Republic called “10 Twitter accounts every entrepreneur should follow” to help navigate startupland. It is by no means a complete or thorough list, but certainly worth checking out. Read the full article on Tech Republic for details but here is a quick summary of the accounts to follow:

    1. Mark Suster – @msuster (VC, Entrepreneur)
    2. Chris Dixon – @cdixon (VC, Entrepreneur, Angel Investor)
    3. Fred Wilson – @fredwilson (NYC VC)
    4. Steve Blank – @sgblank (Entrepreneur, Professor)
    5. Josh Kopelman – @joshk (VC)
    6. Balaji S. Srinivasan – @balajis (VC)
    7. Dave McClure – @davemcclure (Founder 500 Startups)
    8. Brad Feld – @bfeld (Entrepreneur, Investor)
    9. Sam Altman – @sama (Y Combinator)
    10. Loïc Le Meur – @loic (Entrepreneur, LeWeb conference)