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TaskRabbit app lets you hire people for quick projects and tasks

One of the greatest apps to come around thus far is TaskRabbit, which helps you hire people for a few hours here and there to do anything from packing boxes for a move, to furniture assembly, to delivering an item, to light cleaning, to event planning or staffing, or home repairs.

The pay is typically between $12-$50 depending on the task, but most tasks even if New York City range in the $25-$35 range and you only get billed for the hours you use. You can let them pick a person for you, or you can pick one yourself among people available in your area based on reviews of prior tasks.

We recently hired task rabbits to return a cable box to Time Warner, pack some boxes, take hanging nails out of a wall and patching the holes, post items for sale to Craigslist, and clean out a refrigerator. All 3 taskers were professional and up for the jobs. All payments are handled directly through the app and then you rate your tasker at the end.

TaskRabbit is currently available in 19 cities including, Atlanta, Austin, Boston, Chicago, Dallas, Denver, Houston, Los Angeles and Orange County, London, Miami, New York City, Philadelphia, Phoenix, Portland, San Antonio, San Diego, Seattle, SF Bay Area, and Washington DC.

You can learn more at or download the app at the iTunes or Google Play store.

  • bush

    First time user of taskrabbit. Was really excited how quick it found a handyman for my tasks.
    Communicated with the tasker a week before the start of the work, all set and ready then on the morning when the task ws to start, the tasker told me he is unable to perform the task as he is behind on his previous gig.

    Left me high and dry, took the day off for this. If you get assigned Chris Paine(handyman) in Seattle, stay away.