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Social media and search ad campaign central with AdStage

As Facebook moves away from allowing free promotion, understanding pay per click is becoming more important for companies at all stages of growth. AdStage is a program that lets you manage your social ads on sites like Facebook and LinkedIn, in the same place you manage your Google Adwords and Bing ads. The all-in-one advertising platform debuted last year, and claims to have more than 10,000 businesses signed up so far. You can create, manage, optimize and view reports on your campaigns in one place rather than having to sign in to each of your accounts.

We have not tried it to see if it preserves the nuances and features of each site’s ad platforms, but if it does, it will surely save a lot of time for advertisers using all of these social media and search platforms for their marketing budget.

They are currently letting people sign up for a 14 day free trial at

  • With so many social media platforms available, marketers have a hard time tracking down their ad performance without taking too much time. This is why a digital reporting and marketing platform like TapAnalytics allows users to capture data across multi-channel platforms so you can have a 360° view of all your digital and social campaigns.