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Q&A with Joseph D. Gomez about a new charging station ChargemSpot™

Our next Q&A is with Joseph D. Gomez, CEO of VenDipity, Inc. who is the process of fundraising for a new type of charging station the ChargemSpot™.

Tweepler: In a few sentences, how does the Chargemspot differ from other public charging stations?

Joseph D. Gomez: There are other mobile electronics charging companies that exclusively do mobile charging and/or the digital signage thing, but none of the recognized business competitors are doing what VenDipity® is planning to execute. The ChargemSpot™ system’s competitive differences can be summed up as:

  • Mobile audience and engagement. The ChargemSpot system will provide you with engaging experiences that are social immersive and fun! It quickly detects your registered devices and personally greets you with an onscreen “HELLO.”
  • Personal charging as a medium. Tableside or wall mount option. Engages consumer interactionallowing for simultaneous dining and safe charging from the privacy of a dining table.
  •  Mobile e-commerce. Mobile app platform to build and manage a mobile community
  • Access to big data measures of ROI
  • Energy Star® certified charging stations. Will promotes the use of environmentally safe technology using energy Star certified solution.

Tweepler: Is it free for consumers to use the charging stations?

Joseph D. Gomez: Charging fees will be $1, $2 or $3 depending on type of establishment. We will also offer a reduced yearly price, plug-n-charge subscription for ready-on-demand, unlimited charging time option.

Tweepler: What are ideal locations for businesses to set up a station?

Joseph D. Gomez: The ChargemSpot™ is the ideal size to be installed preferably within a customer’s easy reach. At restaurants, dance clubs, bars and coffee houses for example, the stations can be tabletop or wall mount adjacent to the tables (or booths) where people sit and privately enjoy their orders.

Tweepler: Can more than one person charge at the same time?

Joseph D. Gomez: Absolutely! Several people can simultaneously connect at a dining table and charge multiple phones along with a laptop or tablet on a hardwired, wall mounted ChargemSpot. Each ChargemSpot includes 7 charging ports: AC outlet, USB ports and four retractable charging cord/adapters (Micro USB,

Samsung S5 and Apple 4 & 5 Lightning device adaptors). It also has a charging resting pad with Nanosuction technology to securely hold a phone in place while charging.

Tweepler: What are some potential uses for the accompanying digital signage on the station?

Joseph D. Gomez: ChargemSpot Users will be able to receive specials offers from the establishment based on their user profile interests. The ChargemSpot understands and can follow user individualized brands or dietary preferences, specific “Likes”, previous menu purchases and buying likelihood from place to place, citywide wherever the network becomes available throughout the USA or abroad.

Users will be able to control non-personally identifying information like preferred drinks and foodstuff, desired food calorie intake, important dietary requirements for health, prenatal care, diabetes, the elderly, children and vegetarian régimes, which user can change or update or opt out if they choose.

Tweepler: A lot is made of the personalization capabilities of this unit, but that seems to be possible with user’s phones giving up some data. What type of data is collected? How will you inform the user that data is being taken and or tracked from their phone?

We believe the next generation of personalized digital signage and vending needs to be much smarter and interactive. The app will enable the ChargemSpot™ system to recognize devices every time a customer interacts with our network or plugs in to charge at the various ChargemSpot™ locations.

It only follows the customer’s specific desired options set during the initial set up process. We don’t install any tracking software on mobile devices. We won’t have access to personally identifiable information unless you explicitly provide it to us.   We do use aggregated data and provide analytics to help eateries better understand the customer’s wants. We do help advertisers reach large groups of people that express similar interests and behaviors. This is data is meant to also help advertisers and establishments tailor food menus for patrons.