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Q&A with David Skoll about cloud-based anti spam solution CanIt

david skoll roaring penguin

Here is a quick Q&A session Tweepler did with David Skoll, President and CTO of anti-spam software company Roaring Penguin.

TweeplerCan you tell us in a few sentences what CanIt software does?

David Skoll: Roaring Penguin Software is an anti-spam software company. Our newest service is Hosted CanIt, an anti spam solution based in the cloud.

TweeplerWe assume you mostly work with businesses and ISPs/MSPs rather than consumers?

David Skoll: Yes our target is service providers, Internet Service Providers (ISPs) and Managed Service Providers (MSPs). The biggest green fields opportunity in the anti spam business is the small and medium business space. SMBs have not been well served by anti spam software companies because of cost. The cloud reduces the costs associated with providing anti spam and allows MSPs to give SMBs the same type of anti spam experience that large enterprises have enjoyed.

TweeplerWhat is the end result seen by users when CanIt is employed on their mail server?

David Skoll:  The ultimate result that the end user wants is for the spam to go away. And in our case it does. We detect 98 – 99 % + of the spam and block it. You are never going to get to 100 % but we get awfully close. We also help protect end users from phishing attacks and viruses.

Tweepler: How is CanIt different than other email filtering software?

David Skoll: For Managed Service Providers we are integrated with the tools they use. We are integrated with their Remote Monitoring and Management (RMM) tools like N-Able and their Professional Services Automation (PSA) tools like Autotask. We provide MSPs with e-mail continuity so that if one of their clients mail servers goes down, the client can access their e-mail from the cloud. We also provide Managed Service Providers (MSPs) with outbound filtering. This lets them protect their clients IP reputation. And we are designed to let them easily manage the differing email filtering needs of multiple clients.

TweeplerHow is business going thus far?

David Skoll: Business is great. Roaring Penguin has been in the anti-spam software business since 2002.  We recently had a month where Hosted CanIt represented over half our revenue. This is impressive growth and validates our suspicion that MSPs are the best way to reach the SMB market.  We are working on new products for MSPs that will help them provide enterprise level products for their clients e-mail.