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Opt-Intelligence Integrates with MailChimp and offers $25 in free leads

One of the leading email opt-in list growth companies, Opt-Intelligence, announced that it now integrates with MailChimp. Better yet, they are giving away $25 of free opt-in leads to MailChimp users who try the product.

Called LeadServe for MailChimp it will get you started growing your email list of potential customers.

Basically they have partnered with hundreds (thousands?) of websites so that when a user signs up for an account or a newsletter on the site, they have an option to check a box and sign up with your business as well. So the user enters the info once, but now has signed up for the site they are on as well as your promotion. It’s often known as co-registration and can be a great way to build your optin email list. (See the image here of what a user sees when they optin.)