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Online Gaming and Exercise Fusion look to be a ‘Game Changer’

As most people are  aware,  online gaming is the nemesis of personal health and fitness. Yet the company known as M-Idea Solutions looks to change that stereotype with their new announcement.

The  newly  developed  game,  known  as  Endohumans,  is  to  be  a smartphone fitness app that also is connected to the world of an online game. The game will track the number of hours that someone runs, or works out at their local gym, or however they exercise, and by doing said exercise they will generate a power in the game called enduras.

The app looks to be revolutionary, and may end up making gamers out of people who never saw themselves as such.

Source: PRUnderground

  • bush

    There is much more than can be done with Endomondo that isn’t talked about. I think one thing that sets it apart and should have been out in the social part is “Peptalks”. I have a few friends that use Endomondo and getting a Peptalk during a workout is always interesting. Whether it is encouraging or trash taking, it’s motivating to know someone is acknowledging your working out.

    Along with social… (On the website) You can set up competitions amongst friends. Creates some motivation amongst each other.

    In the news feed, with the recent update, you can now see your friends workouts without having to go to the website.

    If you go to the website and if your friends are working out, you can track their progress with a live feed on the map. Also,anyone that has a public profile will be displayed as well so you can see other users of Endomondo in your area.

    Just a few things I can think of right now.

  • john

    Superb app for working out with you iPhone. Now applications for iOS are assisting users in their physical activities as well.