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New Drop Gadget for Water Conservation begins Kickstarter campaign

As most of us know, California has been under prolonged drought conditions, with reservoirs at record low levels and a mandated 25% water reduction by the Governor. The state is one of the most important agricultural regions in the United States, and access to water is paramount to keeping crops alive.

Berkeley startup Qonserve Technologies has created an innovative gadget to help people conserve water in their household – the Drop. The simple device quickly attaches to most faucets and changes color after a set period of time the water is left on. So whether you are washing your hands or rinsing dishes, you will get a signal reminder if you have left on the faucet too long.

From a press release on PRUnderground: Scott Geller, Qonserve Technologies co-founder and CEO, said “Our goal was to create something of real value to help people conserve this critical natural resource.  We needed the Drop to be recognizable, simple to use, effective, inexpensive, and of course, aesthetically appealing.  We think the Drop is exactly that kind of product.”

The device could not only help conserve water, but also save money on your water bill. you can pick one up for ~$16 right now through their KickStarter campaign. Whether you are thinking of the environment or your water bills, it’s money well spent.