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New app You Borrowed It helps you remember who borrowed things from you

There is a new app out today called You Borrowed It on iPhone, Android, Windows and BlackBerry that helps you track who borrowed your stuff. Created by Bart Sinanis, who worked in construction and need a way to track who borrowed tools, the app can be used to remind you who borrowed anything from money, to cameras, to clothes, to electronics to, in Bart’s case, tools.

The app lets you add a calendar reminder for a return date and you can even take a photo of the item or the person with the item, etc. As I get older, busier and more forgetful an app like this could certainly come in handy. And frankly, I found a video camera while cleaning out a closet and have no idea who it belongs to. I just know it is not mine. I think I borrowed it 10 years ago. I bet that friend wish he had this app…

Anyway, it can be found at the iTunes store at or on Google Play at