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New app Treasure Match tests your memory, and gives away an iPhone 6

There is a new app game out called Treasure Match that will remind many of you of the childhood game memory, where you would turn over a card and try to find a match for it.

Treasure Match puts the concept into a ‘slot machine’ format, where you spin the wheel and then get a quick glimpse of the numbers behind each treasure chest space. You then must find 3 matching numbers. Guess right and you get points. It’s a surprisingly addictive (and difficult) game which will test your visual reaction time and memory.

We learn from a press release on PRUnderground that Treasure Match will also be giving away an iPhone 6 to the person with the highest score. The app was invented by Oliver Galang and is free. With iOS and Android versions, Treasure Match can be downloaded from the Apple app store or from Google Play.

  • Jesse

    I actually downloaded Treasure Match last week, and it did remind me of matching games I played when I was a kid. I love the slot machine effect, it really adds a unique spin to the game. My only issue with these gaming apps are, I get way too addicted and spend hours playing them when I should be doing other things, lol.