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Legendary Worlds Adult Comic Book raises $6,262 on Kickstarter

One of the coolest things about Kickstarter is it allows small businesses that had little chance of funding to raise money, from their own eventual customers. A great example we read about on PRUnderground is the Legendary Worlds Adult Comic Book, which will feature dozens of pages of natural/surreal settings ready to be colored in not by kids, but by adults. It’s part of a new trend known as adult coloring books, allowing grown ups to dig back to the creativity of their youth and color away.

Legendary Worlds is the creation of Carrie Wong and Witek Radomski, who are not just business partners but engaged to be married, according to the press release.

Their Kickstarter effort has already exceeded their goal, and at the time of this writing has raised $6,262, enough to get the coloring books created and printed.