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Dawn Berryman of Market Mommy talks about mom entrepreneurs and startups

Tweepler just finished another Q&A session, this time with mom entrepreneur and marketer Dawn Berryman, Founder of Market Mommy®.

Tweepler: How did Market Mommy get started?

Dawn Berryman: Market Mommy started because I started an online business selling announcements and photo cards. I quickly realized how tough it was to market an online business amidst all of the competition. Even though I had a background in marketing, I was struggling. And, I quickly realized there weren’t a lot of places to go for affordable help. So, in 2009 I started Market Mommy and an effort to show moms how and where to market their mom-owned business on a budget.

Tweepler: What are the main issues mom entrepreneurs face with their startups and businesses?

Dawn Berryman: I believe one of the biggest issues they face is balance. Moms seem to think that they need to be able to do it all. They need to be able to run a successful business while caring for their family full time as well. That can be very, very difficult. We focus on helping moms to take a little bit of the load off with our affordable services. We also frequently interview mom business owners about what works for them and how they find balance.

Tweepler:  What are the most successful mom businesses or niches you have seen these days?

Dawn Berryman: Recently, I’ve seen a lot of mom invented products be successful. I think these are specifically successful because they generally meet a definite need. Moms are in the trenches everyday, they see what products can make their lives easier. When they create these products, brand them and market them well, they are bound to be successful.

Tweepler: If you could give one piece of advice to a mom wanting to start something what would it be?

Dawn Berryman: Do your research! It’s easy to get excited about a great idea and just run with it. Take your time. Research the competition and any existing trademarks to patents. Consult with an expert and get your finances in line. Basically, prepare ahead of time and put the foundation in place. This way you’ll be building yourself up for success rather than back tracking later and doing things that should have been first. This, could hurt your businesses in the long run.

Tweepler: What resources or events are available for mom entrepreneurs whether through your business or outside of it?

Dawn Berryman: We have several opportunities for moms to market their businesses through Market Mommy. We have a free online business directory. We offer free Mommy Monday sponsored blog posts. This is where we feature a different mom owned business each week. We often do free shout outs on social media or on our newsletter. We have a lot of content both on our website and on our blog for mom business owners and those aspiring to start a business. We have an expert blogger panel where business experts regularly provide content for
our blog and advice on all types of business related topics.

Tweepler: What is the gift guide you put out?

Dawn Berryman: This is our sixth annual holiday gift guide. Our aim is to highlight mom businesses this spending season and encourage folks to purchase from them rather than big box stores. We feel this is a win-win. First, it gives mom businesses an affordable advertising option (the most expensive ad was just over $41/month). We have an audience of thousands and this is a great advertising opportunity for them. Then, also, it gives our audience, and everyone really, a great place to start and finish their holiday shopping. Our guide features a variety of categories and products for everyone on your shopping list. Many people have a desire to shop with small businesses, and our guide helps them do that. It provides gift ideas for those on your list that might be hard to by for. And, hopefully, it exposes people to some businesses and products that they weren’t aware of previously.