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Caviar food app delivers from the best restaurants in your city

Food startup delivers premium eats

The things that set apart Caviar from other food delivery services is that a) they curate the best restaurants in the city, often with innovative food and b) they deliver from restaurants that don’t otherwise deliver to you. It’s all done via an app that lets you order and track your delivery via GPS. It’s available in New York City, Los Angeles, San Francisco, Boston, Chicago, Seattle, Washington DC and the East Bay and Peninsula in the Bay Area.

The delivery cost currently ranges from free (ex Los Angeles) to $4.99 (New York City) to $9.99 (San Francisco). They also add in a gratuity so you do not have to tip when the food arrives.

Looking at New York City as an example, you will find top restaurants such as Blue Ribbon Sushi, Boqueria, and gems such as Cafe Habana and Katz’s Delicatessen.

Caviar is a startup based in San Francisco.



  • Ben

    Caviar is great in Manhattan, although it is an expensive option compared to regular delivery. I love it but use it for special occasions or when I am really craving an awesome meal. Love love love Blue Ribbon Sushi – even delivered!