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Waze app, the best traffic navigation app for driving

August 4, 2014 // 0 Comments

There is a reason why there was allegedly a billion dollar bidding war over driving navigation and mapping app Waze. Before Google eventually acquired the business for a reported $1.3 Billion, Facebook was also in the mix, and some say Apple was too. 01FriendsBar_0000_ENGWaze provides mapping, with real-time feedback from Waze users alerting you to everything from traffic jams to police activity to accidents to other hazards ahead. You can even chat with other users on the road near you and get points for contributing info on traffic conditions. another nice feature is it asks it's users whether hazards/police/accidents/etc are still there when you pass the relevant area, constantly keeping the app accurate. Of course features like chat are meant for PASSENGERS and not drivers. It finds the best route, occasionally even taking you off a freeway for a few miles to use side roads. It's pretty phenomenal. It's a free app that every Apple and Android user should add to their phone today.     [...]
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