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App Review: Mention

When it comes to monitoring your brand (or your competition), there are a handful of good tools to quickly find out when you get mentioned somewhere. One of them, appropriately called Mention, allows you to enter keywords (ex your company name, a product name your competition’s name) and then get an alert by email or in the web interface when it is found on social media sites and the web.

I have found it works best with Twitter, but it will also pick up Facebook mentions, and mentions on websites and blogs. It does not find a lot of website-based mentions for some reason, but you can always use Google Alerts for that.

They have a free plan that lets you see 100 mentions/month, and then you have to pay to see additional mentions. They also have an iOS app to track mentions on the go. It’s definitely worth at least a free trial.

App Rating: A- (for Twitter monitoring); C (for web mentions)