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App Review: Exit Strategy NYC

As a New Yorker, or a visitor to New York City, you may know how important every minute can be getting around the city. When using the subway there is an ingenious app called Exit Strategy NYC to help you know where to stand on the platform so you will be right next to the exit when you get to your stop.

It’s the creation of brother and sister Jonathan and Ashley Wegener, who actually went to every stop in New York City to find the optimal subway car to get into. This may seem silly, but when you are in a rush, this app can easily save 3-5 minutes by letting you position yourself at the right spot while waiting for the subway, so you can be right at the exit when you get to your stop. It also has subway maps and local city maps in the app.

The iPhone version is the full one, but they also have a lite version for Android and Blackberry.

App Rating: A