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An interview with Dave Armenia CEO, Co-Founder of the new Starpulse Radio Music Discovery App

Today we catch up with Dave Armenia, the CEO and Co-Founder of Starpulse and the new Starpulse Radio Music Discovery App.

Tweepler: The Starpulse Radio Music Discovery App seems like a departure from celebrity news and info. What was the inspiration?

Dave Armenia: Who isn’t inspired by great music, we love music. Originally we just wanted to add music to our website, then people starting using our web music product so we expanded on that theme and made it an app. We actually integrated the news and info right into the app so it’s not really a radical departure from entertainment news and info. The main difference is that in the app the music comes first, it’s a music app with news and info.

Tweepler: In a few sentences, what does the Starpulse Radio Music Discovery App do? Is it similar to Pandora and/or Spotify?

Dave Armenia: This first version of the app is DMCA compliant radio, it’s not an on demand service like Spotify just yet. On Starpulse Radio you can stream & discover great music, artists, photos and news all from the app. From the search screen you can choose from 25+ preset stations, ranging from decades to genres to today’s hits, or create your own by searching for any artist. When you search for any artist, your playlist will begin with that artist. Once you select an artist, a station is automatically created for that artist and added to your Playlists. Hold down on any station to get a sub menu to “add to shuffle” and start building your customized listening experience. You can combine any stations together and remove them at any time. When you add millions of artist photos and news to that music mix, it makes things really interesting and unique.

Tweepler: If the app is free, how do you make money from it? Or is it a business line you would grow and sell?

Dave Armenia: This first version of the app is free, so now is the time to download it…We don’t have our subscription product out yet, so this version is ad supported.

Tweepler: How do you see the whole digital music space evolving in the next 5 years?

Dave Armenia: I think that it’s going to get a lot more competitive, the guys leading the install-base-race now are going to have to work harder and harder to hold on to their respective audience as new players large and small enter the market. Even more interesting to watch is where the royalty argument is heading and if artists and songwriters are going to be compensated any differently in the next few years. We may see more and more artist’s revolt, similar to the Taylor Swift, Spotify debacle last month.

Tweepler: What other projects are you working on at Starpulse?

Dave Armenia: We are releasing the Starpulse Radio app for IOS in the coming weeks and we are working on several new app functions that will make the next version of the Android and Iphone apps even more capable. Our website is constantly changing and the news never stops, with the 24 hour news cycle, nothing stays the same for very long. And award season is right around the corner…

Thanks for taking the time to talk with us about the Starpulse Radio App. Be sure and visit to get the very latest entertainment news and updates on the app, just click the Starpulse Radio icon is in the upper right corner of the page.